Melbet Registration on the official website

Melbet is one of the best bookmakers in Canada. The company opened only in 2012, according to the administration, more than 800 thousand users put on the portal.

Melbet is in demand due to several advantages. Firstly, there are no regional restrictions in this office, that is, absolutely any gambler can bet here. Secondly, it offers a good line and fairly good coefficients, and so that users can get almost guaranteed profits, there is insurance express.

Thirdly, the functionality of the portal is superbly thought out. For example, you can register at a bookmaker's office in just one click. Moreover, there are four ways to register. Let's talk in more detail about the methods of creating a profile and find out what difficulties a gambler can face.

how to register at melbet

Registration in Melbet - all methods

How to register in 1 click

Creating a gaming profile in BC Melbet is as easy as shelling pears. In order to provide clients with maximum comfort, the resource administrators decided to add registration in one click.

So, to register in one click you need:

  1. Go to the official website.
  2. Click on the "Registration" button in the upper right corner of the site.
  3. Select the 1-click tab. Recall that there are four ways to register in the bookmaker, and the user is free to choose the one that suits him.
  4. Next, you need to fill out the drop-down registration form.
  5. Here you need to indicate the country of residence, select the currency in which financial transactions will be carried out, and also select a bonus. When registering, you can choose a bonus in the form of free bets, a bonus in the form of a deposit promotion and free spins for a casino, as well as a classic 100% deposit bonus for the first account replenishment. If there is a promotional code, it must be entered into the appropriate form.
  6. Then you need to put a tick in front of the item, which requires agreement with the terms and conditions.

Registration process by phone number

Registration in melbet

After the player clicks on the "Registration" button, a form will appear in front of him, in which he can choose 4 methods of registration. One of the most popular ways is through a mobile phone.

Due to the fact that there are no regional restrictions in Melbet, you can enter absolutely any number here. We serve users from more than 50 countries. In the form, you need to specify a phone number, then select the currency in which transactions will be carried out, and also select the bonus that will be credited after creating an account. There is also a special field in which you can enter a promo code, if any.

After filling out the form, an SMS will be sent to your phone. It will contain a specialized code that must be entered in the appropriate field in your personal account. After all the manipulations have been done, you can fill out the profile. In the future, for Login to the bookmaker's office, you will need to use a phone number. If you do not receive an SMS with a confirmation code, you can request a re-sending of the message.

By e-mail

Some users find it completely inconvenient to register with one click and using a mobile phone. The Conservator at BC Melbet offers Registration via e-mail.

This method is considered somewhat more reliable. In addition, even when registering with this method, it will still be possible to link a mobile phone or a page on social networks to a profile, but in case of loss of the number, access to the account will be preserved. To link your account to mail, you need to select the appropriate tab after clicking on the "Registration" button.

The process of creating an account takes place in several stages:

  • First, the player must select the country of residence, region and city.
  • At the second stage, you need to specify the first name, last name, and select the currency in which financial transactions will be carried out.
  • At the third stage, you will need to specify your email address, password, and if you wish, you can enter a phone number and select a bonus that will be credited after registration.
  • At the last stage, the player is informed that a letter has been sent to his email address.
  • You need to follow the link from the letter in order to complete the registration. When all these procedures are done, you can play. In the future, for authorization, you can use your e-mail address or mobile telephone, if it was specified in the process of filling out the registration form.

Registration via social networks

Another very convenient way to register is through social networks. This is the easiest way to create an account. The player must click on the "Registration" button, then select the "via social networks" tab.

Next, you need to choose the currency in which financial transactions will be carried out, agree with the terms and conditions for the provision of services, and then click on the icon of one of the social networks. You can log in through the VK and OK page. After authorization, you will still have to fill out a profile, namely, indicate your mobile phone, passport data, and e-mail address. In the future, you can use either the linked mail or the account ID for authorization.

How to correctly authenticate a new client

Profile identification is often a necessary measure. It is needed for one simple reason - when withdrawing large wins, identity verification is required. This measure was introduced due to the fact that cases of fraud became more frequent, including many privateers began to use forks.

Benefits of registering with a bookmaker

The advantages of registering with the Melbet bookmaker are obvious. Firstly, only after creating a profile, the player has the opportunity to place bets. Secondly, it is profitable to play in this office thanks to the welcome bonuses.

Moreover, in Melbet, the user is free to choose which bonus he wants to receive. If a gambler is a fan of gambling, he can get free spins and a deposit bonus, if a player wants a tit in his hands, he can request a 100% deposit bonus, and if a privateer loves risk, then he can be credited with free bets. Moreover, it is not difficult to win back Bonuses, since normal wagers are installed on them.

Other advantages of registering with BC Melbet:

  • The bookmaker works legally.
  • This means that on the part of the bookmaker, the likelihood of fraud is completely excluded. The integrity of the organization is also confirmed by numerous customer reviews.
  • High coefficients.
  • There is an opinion that domestic bookmakers deliberately underestimate the coefficients. This is partly true. Some bookmakers do cut the quotes. But in Melbet the situation is completely different. Here, the coefficients are in no way inferior to the Canadian bookmaker, and sometimes more favorable quotes are offered on the domestic portal.
  • Wide line of bets.
  • The line contains bets on almost all popular sports. Moreover, there is a good list, you can bet on Asian totals, double outcomes and much other. There are also quite profitable Live bets.
  • Large assortment of entertainment.
  • Despite the fact that Melbet is a bookmaker's office, entertainment here is not limited to sports betting. The official website also offers gambling and the so-called Fast Games. To those who decide to try luck in the online casino will be offered additional Bonuses. Gambling tournaments are also regularly held, and such competitions have very solid prize pools.
  • The player will be generously rewarded for being active.
  • For many years, Melbet administrators have been encouraging active gamblers with no deposit bonuses on their birthday, as well as offering them express insurance and other interesting promotions.

Possible problems, what to do if authentication failed

It happens that a player cannot register on the site for some reason. For example, SMS or e-mail does not come. For this, the function of re-sending messages and letters was provided. If this function does not help either, you should contact the support service and carefully double-check your registration data.

There are also common cases when it is impossible to verify the identity. This usually happens for two reasons:

  1. Fuzzy photos or scans.
  2. The player has previously been verified with these documents, but from a different account.

In the first case, it is simple to correct the situation - you need to re-photograph the documents so that the necessary passport data (name, registration, region of residence) are clearly visible in it. In the second case, the situation is more complicated. The fact is that in BC Melbet it is forbidden to create more than one account, even if the previous one was blocked for inactivity or for violation of the rules. In this case, you can only solve the situation with the support service.