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Melbet is one of the most popular international betting companies. It offers a great line and fairly good odds. The great functionality and design of the official website is also commendable.

The advantages of this bookmaker include the fact that it offers not only sports betting. On this resource, you can also find gambling games from the most famous providers, and even a beginner can try his luck at the so-called Fast Games.

The player at registration is given the opportunity to choose a welcome bonus. He can receive either free bets, or a 100% deposit bonus, or a deposit bonus and free spins at the casino. To receive rewards, it is absolutely not necessary to enter any promo codes, all accruals are carried out automatically.

where to enter the promo code

However, there are some Bonuses that will be activated only after the player enters the appropriate bonus code into a special window in his personal account. Let's talk in more detail about Melbet promo codes and find out how to activate them correctly, and what to do if the bonus has not been credited.

Current Melbet 2021 promo codes upon registration

5-7 years ago, when registering at any bookmaker's office or online casino, the user had to enter a specialized promotional code. This created a lot of inconvenience, since not all beginners know that there are promotional codes in nature, and it was difficult to find the actual combination.

Over time, many bookmakers have abolished this practice. The Melbet company did the same. Today, Welcome Bonuses are credited immediately after registration. Moreover, the player is free to choose what kind of reward he wants to take. For example, fans of online casinos do not need free bets, and it is more expedient for them to use a deposit bonus and free spins. And for those who prefer sports betting, it is more advisable to use free bets or a deposit bonus.

But then why do you need the "Promo Code" field in the registration form? In fact, everything is extremely simple. This field is needed to make it easier for the bookmaker to track which of the partners invited a new player. We remind you that this bookmaker has an affiliate program, and each affiliate is given its own promo code.

The Partner undertakes to distribute the promo code to his referrals, and they must indicate the combination when filling out the registration form. For this, the referral will receive% of the bookmaker's profit, and the bookmaker will find it easier to determine who invited the player. But the question arises, why should a player enter a promo code if it does not give him anything? Considering this factor, Melbet administrators have decided that when a partner's promo code is entered, the referral will receive additional free bets or free spins.

Recall that the bookmaker offers three types of bonuses:

  1. Sports bonus 100% up to 195 CAD.
  2. The funds received can only be spent in sports betting, and the bonus is wagered only in matches with high odds.
  3. Free bets.
  4. If a player bets, for example, 10 cad he can get a 50 cad free bet. The conditions for calculating this bonus are constantly changing, so they should be clarified on the official website of the bookmaker.
  5. Casino bonus.
  6. A player who intentionally does not bet on sports, but uses a deposit for gambling bets, can receive up to 1950 cad in a deposit bonus and an additional 290 free spins. You can only wager a promotion on certain slot games.

Melbet Free Bet Bonus Codes

In 2019, there was a new promotion, according to which the user can be eligible for the so-called free bet. As soon as the promotion appeared, it was necessary to enter the specialized promotional code MELBOOK, but today this is not necessary.

To become a participant in the promotion, a player must collect express trains every day, in which Login will attend three or more events. In this case, the minimum bet amount must be 1 cad, and the odds for the forecast for each event must be at least 1.8. If the player makes such bets during the week, then on the seventh day he will receive a personal promo code that will allow him to get the opportunity to make a free express bet in the amount of 2.5 cad or more. If you make express bets within 14 days, the bonus will increase to 5 cad. If within 21 days, then the player will receive as much as 10 cad.

According to the rules, the maximum reward amount is 30 cad, and the right to a free express bet equivalent to 30 cad is issued only for 42 days. And the right to receive the bonus is retained only if the player places bets on the express bets every day. You can place bets both in the pre-match and in the Live mode, so it is not difficult to get the right to a free bet.

Where can I enter the promo code received by Melbet?

enter promo code melbet

You can activate the promo code when filling out the registration form. There is a special field where you can enter this combination. You can also enter the MELbet promo code in your personal account.

To do this, go to your personal account, then select the "my profile" section. In this tab there will be a specialized field "promo code". There you need to enter the resulting combination, and then click on the "check" button. As soon as this procedure is completed, Bonuses will come to your account within a minute.

How to clear the bonus at Melbet bookmaker?

There are general rules for wagering bonuses. Let's start with gambling. Most of the rewards that are issued at Melbet online casino can be wagered exclusively on slots. The rules indicate that Live games and the so-called Fast Games do not participate in the redemption of the wager.

Also, Bonuses received for a casino cannot be wagered with a single bet. As a rule, in the terms of the promotion it is indicated that the maximum bet per spin or round is 5% of the bonus amount. That is, if a player receives a conditional 100 cad, and decides to wager the bun on the slot, then in one round he has no right to bet more than 5 cad, otherwise the bet will not be counted.

As for promo codes for sports, there are also some nuances here:

  • Freebies.
  • Most free bets and deposit bonuses can be wagered exclusively in express bets, although sometimes beginners are given the opportunity to wager in single bets. The conditions must also indicate whether it is possible to extinguish the wager using Live bets.
  • There are also requirements for wagering events.
  • As practice shows, you can win back only if the odds for an event exceed 1.8. Otherwise, the bet is not counted.
  • Some ivies are won back only by winning bets.
  • For example, experienced gamblers are often given no-deposits, which can be received on the main account and withdrawn only if they make 5-6 winning bets of the express type, and sometimes they require make winning bets in a row.

It is strictly forbidden to wager Bonuses for sports using so-called surebets. If the user is caught in this activity, he is 100% likely to be blocked, and the money will not be returned to him.