Download Melbet app for Android

Melbet is a large bookmaker that accepts all types of bets, including Live, pre-matches, express bets and even systems. The resource opened in 2012, but its popularity peaked in 2018.

Players from many countries place bets in this bookmaker. There are no regional restrictions on the site, so gamblers from Canada, the EU, the USA, Australia, and Latin America are not denied service.

The popularity of the resource is largely due to the bonus program. It offers generous welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, and the option of deposit insurance. Also, the users' praise was deserved by the Melbet Toto sweepstakes, in which you can hit the progressive jackpot.

It is also worth noting the bookmaker's functionality. The founders of the office are well aware that many players bet via smartphones or tablets. Therefore, they decided to release not only a mobile version, but also a specialized mobile application. It is perfectly adapted and works correctly on low-power devices. The application is supported by all gadgets from Android and iOS. Let's talk more about the Android client and find out what features it has.

How to download Melbet on Android from the official website

download melbet for android

Analyzing the slices that gadget manufacturers make, we can say with complete confidence that most people use Android devices. First, they are cheaper. Secondly, they are more durable. Thirdly, applications for this OS cost nothing, and you can download them absolutely free.

Back in 2013, the Melbet bookmaker announced the release of a specialized application. According to the founders, it is much more convenient to use it than the mobile browser version. The app uses less power, does not require authorization on every login, and it is also better optimized for low-performance devices. Also, a significant plus of the application is that it has a built-in anonymizer that automatically helps to bypass blocking from regional providers.

You can download the application only on the official website. For some reason, this program is not allowed in the Play Market. Perhaps this is due to the fact that it is forbidden to upload applications in the Play Store that are somehow related to gambling. And, as you know, Melbet has not only sports betting, but also a virtual casino.

where to download the application for android melbet

Download order:

  1. Go to the official website.
  2. If it is blocked, you can use a mirror. Let us remind you that in order to get up-to-date mirrors, you need to go to the section "access to the site", enter your e-mail address in a special form, after which you will receive links with working mirrors to your mailbox.
  3. Go to the section "access to the site", there select the tab "mobile applications".
  4. Click on the "download for Android" button.
  5. After clicking on the device, the installation apk-file will be downloaded.

Installing the Melbet app on Android

After the installation file is downloaded, you need to run it. Preliminarily, it is advisable to add the application to the list of exclusions of the antivirus, if there is one on the device. The official Melbet website says that the application is supported by all devices with an operating version of Android 4.4 and higher.

After the installation is complete, a shortcut will appear on the desktop. You need to click on it, and then click on the "Login" button. In the form you need to enter your account ID or phone number, as well as a password.

Review of the mobile application and its functionality

The MELbet mobile application is supported not only by smartphones, but also by tablets. Let's start by looking at design. In general, the design of the program practically does not differ from the design of the mobile browser version.

Gray and white colors prevail on the portal. The drop-down menu contains the official sign of the boomer, however, the color scheme has been changed in it. Instead of the usual yellow color, gray prevails there. There are no slides, but this is for the best, because they consume a lot of Internet traffic. An icon with a magnifying glass is located in the upper right corner. When you click on the icon, a form comes out through which you can search for the necessary sporting events.

In the upper left corner there is an icon, when you click on it, a drop-down main menu opens. The developers decided to make the menu drop-down in order to save traffic and screen space.

Main menu items:

  • Personal Area.
  • To go to it, you need to click on the ID accounts at the top of the screen. It is in your personal account that you can conduct financial transactions, including withdrawal of funds. You can also contact the support service there, or request a call back.
  • Messages.
  • This section receives replies from the support service, as well as notifications about the results of the latest bets.
  • Popular. The most popular matches are added here.
  • Bet history.
  • The name speaks for itself - through this section you can view the results of the latest bets. Moreover, a filter by type of sport is available. If you wish, you can view extended statistics for the entire registration time.
  • Line.
  • Live .
  • Results. The results of all games are displayed here. Events are filtered by sport.
  • Games.
  • So-called quick games are added to this section.
  • Casino.
  • By going to this section, the player enters online casino Melbet. All games on the site are filtered by type; a filter by provider is also available.
  • Events.
  • Here you can track streams, view matches that have been added to favorites, and view subscriptions.
  • Coupon.
  • There are three tabs in this section - coupon, express of the day, coupon scanner. The first tab adds the events on which the player places a bet. In the second, ready-made express trains of the day from the best forecasters are added, and the third tab is needed in order to scan coupons from land-based pick-up points.
  • Finance. The betting exchange can be accessed here.
  • Miscellaneous.
  • Here you can go to the Melbet sweepstakes, as well as go to the "Info" tab to familiarize yourself with the rules of bets, rules for wagering bonuses and types of bets.
  • Settings.
  • Here the user can customize the application for himself. You can enable or disable notifications, change the display of odds, set up authorization or two-level authentication, enable or disable fingerprint authentication, and more.

Updating the application to the latest version

Many players do not know how to configure the application so that it updates automatically. In older versions, the client really had to be downloaded again, and this was very inconvenient. But in recent releases, the application has been configured so that all updates are installed automatically.

Possible problems with the application and their solutions

There are several types of problems faced by players. More details about the problems and methods of solving them are indicated in the table below.

Problem. Solutions.
I do not receive SMS or confirmation email. If this problem occurs, you must first make sure that the data is correct. Then you can try sending the confirmation email or message again. If this does not help, then it is worth contacting customer support. Consultants will help you create a profile without using a confirmation message or mail. You can also order a call back in the menu, and try to fix the problem in the telephone mode.
I can't log into my account, the error "no connection to the server" appears. This problem is also very common. The reason for the error sometimes lies in the low speed of the Internet connection. If this is not possible, then you need to try restart the application and log in again, or just wait it out. It happens that this error gets out due to the fact that technical work is being carried out on the servers.
I can't install the app. This usually happens for several reasons. First you need to make sure your device has Android 4.4 or higher installed. You also need to make sure that that antiviruses do not block the installation of applications from unknown sources. If these reasons are excluded, you need to uninstall the application, restart your smartphone or tablet, and then download and try to run the apk file again.
Quote is blocked in Live-bets. Newbies complain en masse that they can't deliver live. This usually happens for one simple reason - the bookmaker reserves the right to block a certain outcome. If the result of the match is obvious, then in Live they remove the opportunity to bet on a certain outcome. Also, beginners should take into account that real-time quotes are constantly changing.
Money does not come to the account. This problem occurs not only in the mobile application, but also in the browser version. There may be several reasons. If a player deposits a large amount through a debit or credit card, then the case may be at the bank. Many financial institutions carry out all sorts of additional checks to avoid fraud. Also, the reason may lie in the fact that the bookmaker processes the application for a long time. As a rule, money comes the fastest when you make a deposit through an electronic or cryptocurrency wallet. It is worth waiting at least 1-2 hours. If there is no money, you should immediately contact support.

Our verdict: the MELbet mobile app is great. It works correctly on all Android devices, all functionality is preserved in it, and the program consumes little traffic. An added bonus is that the app has an anonymizer that helps you bypass regional locks.